Props ‘n’ Things Commercial Dance


Dive into the life of pro backup dancers with prop choreography with our newest specialty class: “PROPS & THINGS; From canes to chairs, hats to jackets, discover how props can enhance your performance.

Perfect for Intermediate dancers and above, this class will boost your confidence and creativity while refining your moves for both stage and camera. It helps students gain more intentional movement, attention to detail, and confidence.

Join us this term for this fun class lead by G.MADISON! Every week a new prop will be introduced. Want to know what prop? You’re going to have to come to class to find out. This class is aimed at the intermediate + student who wants to increase their versatility, and confidence as a commercial dancer mastering the use of props to enhance the choreography, quality of movement and performance.


Intermediate level

Tuesdays 8:15pm, from 16 Apr

6 sessions of 75 minutes

Book & pay for sessions individually