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One 75-minute class per week, for 6 weeks.


Back by Popular demand!

Learn the absolute basics of dancing in heels. Everything from how to transfer your weight easily, stand, walk, and turn.

This course will break down the basics of dancing in heels in a step by step 6-week course (no previous dance experience necessary).

Always wondered how Beyoncé, Rhianna, and Tina Turner dance around the stage so confidently in their stilettos? This class will teach you how. Dancing in heels requires a strong understanding of, believe it or not, Jazz Technique.

Students are encouraged to wear a stiletto heel inside a supportive fully covered shoe such as an ankle boot. Chunky heels and kitten heels are discouraged as they encourage you to sit back in your heel and not carry your weight forward; wedges and platforms are simply dangerous.

Course Teacher

Lucy began her training at the age of 3 in Classical Ballet, Modern and Tap at ‘The Warrington School of Dance’ in Leicester, UK. After discovering her passion for contemporary...