Course starting

One 75-minute class per week, for 6 weeks.


Prepare your body for the full range of Hip Hop dance movements

Hip Hop refers to social or choreographed dances performed to hip-hop music, or music that evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It can be loose and relaxed or intense and energetic.

Our Hip Hop BASICS course aims to help students develop their rhythm and discover their confidence for freestyle dancing. Instructors teach basic moves or steps as well as “party dances”, which students can then incorporate and ‘make their own’ on the dance floor. We value the historical and cultural significance of Hip Hop dance and emphasises this in every class.

Hip Hop BASICS classes are ideal for those looking to gain more confidence on the dance floor in a social setting, and are designed for people with absolutely no dance experience.

Each class builds on lessons from the class before it (hence why term enrolment is required), progressively teaching you the core fundamentals of Hip Hop dancing. Casual attendance is not permitted in this class, as attending class sporadically will not enable students to develop the skills needed to progress and enjoy our Beginner or Elementary Hip Hop class.

After completing a BASICS course, you’ll have the skills to join an Absolute Beginners Hip Hop Class, or a Standard Beginners/Elementary Hip Hop Class. You can do the BASICS course as many times as you like, until you feel confident enough to progress to another level. We advise you speak to your teacher regularly to check on your progress and see when you’ll be ready to move up. Please remember that everyone learns differently and at a different pace. It’s important not to compare yourself to others. Aim to be patient with yourself, and trust in the process.

We welcome you to experience our adult hip-hop classes in a welcoming, non-competitive atmosphere.

Course Teacher

At the age of fifteen, he entered the Beijing Modern Academy of Music to study dance and studied under Greenteck, one of the best world hip-hop champions in history.