Start Here Every dance begins with the first step

We’ll help you find your groove

Dance Workshop teachers are not only experienced dancers and qualified instructors, they’re also lovely people who get a kick out of students having a good time. If you’re nervous or uncertain about anything in class, you can always put your hand up or pull us aside for a quiet chat.

What to Expect

Each class begins with a basic warm-up. In Ballet, this will be at the barre. In Jazz or Tap, this can be either “in the centre” or at the barre. Warm-ups get the blood flowing and get your muscles ready to move. They also include a series of stretches specific to your dance genre. If you have any injuries, or if there are certain stretches you know you can’t do, then by all means substitute the stretch with something that suits you. You are not forced to follow everything. If you know a move is not something your body can handle, do whatever you are comfortable with. And always feel free to ask your teacher for alternatives.

After the warm-up, we’ll work on a series of exercises moving across the floor. In Ballet, you will simply move from the barre to the centre, and expand on the exercises you just completed at the barre. The exercises in the centre are designed to give you the basic knowledge and skills to set you up for the rest of the class. Each exercise or “across the floor” will either build up from the one before it or introduce something completely new to add to your skillset and vocabulary.

In the last 30–40 minutes of class, you might work on a short routine that includes the steps you learned in the “across the floors”. Each week, your teacher will build on these movements, repeating steps from the week before, then adding new steps to the routine.

After the course, you can decide if you are ready to move up into a beginner’s class, or if you’d like to stay and repeat the BASICS class on your own. This is entirely up to you to decide, and we can advise on this if you wish. You are always welcome to talk to your teacher to see what the most suitable option for you will be.

What to Wear

There are no strict requirements of dress for our classes, but here are some suggestions for making the most of your sessions:

  • Wear something comfortable that you can move in. Most students opt for leggings and t-shirt. Anything you would consider wearing to the gym will be fine. You do not need to purchase special dance clothes or shoes.
  • Ballet: Leggings and a t-shirt. If you prefer, you can wear a leotard and tights. Shoes: Wear ballet shoes if you have them, otherwise bare feet or socks will do until you get a pair of ballet shoes.
  • Jazz: Leggings and a t-shirt. Shoes: Jazz shoes, Bloch shoes, or bare feet.
  • Tap: Anything you can move and stretch easily in. Shoes: Tap shoes are required for class, though if you don’t have any to begin with, you may come barefoot for your first few sessions. (Speak to the Teacher to find out where to get tap shoes if required.)
  • Contemporary: Leggings and a t-shirt; anything that you can move and stretch easily in. Shoes: Bare feet.
  • Hip Hop/House: Anything that you can move and stretch easily in. Most students wear a t-shirt with tracksuit or three-quarter pants. Shoes: Sneakers.
  • Bollywood: Anything that you can move and stretch easily in. Shoes: Bare feet.
  • Flamenco: Leotard or top with comfortable pants and/or a skirt (it is not necessary for beginners to wear a skirt to class initially). Shoes: Character/Flamenco shoes, or shoes with a sturdy heel and strap.

There are many different dancewear stores out there for when you’re ready to purchase your first pair of dance shoes. We recommend and When buying your first pair of dance shoes, always go in store and try them on to check that they fit properly. Do not purchase your first pair online.

Dance Levels

Classes at Dance Workshop cater to a wide range of dance abilities. Our classes are structured into distinct levels to help you get the most out of each class.

Students also have the opportunity to perform in the annual show allowing friends and family to watch and share in their love for dance in a professional show on stage in front of a packed live audience!

Absolute Beginners (AB)

Basics of the dance style. Best suited for dancers that have 0-2 years training in the style.

Beginners / Elementary (BE)

For students with a reasonable understanding of the basics. Ideally suited for dancers with about 3 years training in that style.

Intermediate (INT)

Students have a good understanding of the style and technical requirements. This level is best suited for dancers with 5 years dance experience in the style.

Advanced (ADV)

Advanced dancers with 7+ years experience in the dance style.

Open (O)

This type of class is tailored to suit dancers with some experience at any level.


We recommend you secure your place in class by enrolling prior to the commencement of the new term, particularly for the BASICS Courses and popular Classes, which may quickly reach capacity.

If you would like to pre-book for a term, you can book via this website, or call the studio and we can take credit card payment over the phone.

Alternatively, we offer the option for you to pay on the day. We accept cash, EFTPOS or Visa/MasterCard.

Class Fees – Effective May 2021

Casual Class


6 Class Pass

Valid for 6 weeks from date of purchase

$22 Per Class

10 Class Cards

4 months validity from purchase date

$23 Per Class

1 Week Unlimited

Unlimited class pass valid for 1 week from date of purchase

6 Week Unlimited

Unlimited class pass valid for 6 weeks from date of purchase

I’m not sure if I’ll like a class – Can I pay for 1 Casual first?

Casual classes are offered subject to availability. We give preference to dancers committing to a 6-week term. We recommend casual paying students to arrive 10–15 minutes earlier to increase the likelihood of getting a spot in class.

Accordingly, we encourage you to watch a class in the previous term to assess if it’s what you are after. We don’t recommend a decision be made about any dance class based on only attending once, as it’s unlikely that you will achieve anything with less than 6 lessons.

What if I miss a class?

Classes are non refundable. If you are unable to make it to class or change your mind, we cannot issue you with a refund. You may receive a credit for missed classes, which must be used within the same term of purchase.

If sickness or injury prevents you from attending classes, please advise our studio reception within 14 days and present a medical certificate. This will help us determine if you are eligible for a credit, and when this credit may expire.