Ballet Classes

Quality instruction from experienced ballet class teachers and dancers

New or Returning to Ballet?

We understand that starting dance classes as an adult can be daunting, especially when you’re joining a class of students who have already been learning for weeks. To help overcome this, we run a 6-week Ballet BASICS course tailored specifically for adults with little to no dance experience. You can join our Ballet BASICS courses comforted by the knowledge that others in the class are also novice dancers like you.

The BASICS courses are designed to break things down to the bare basics, starting with concepts like posture, the names of the different positions, and how the steps relate to each other. Each course is a complete 6-week term, consisting of one 75-minute class per week.

Each class builds on lessons from the class before it (hence why term enrolment is required), progressively teaching you the core fundamentals of Ballet. Casual attendance is not permitted in this class, as attending class sporadically will not enable students to develop the skills needed to progress and enjoy our Beginner or Elementary Ballet class.

After completing a BASICS course, you’ll have the skills to join an Absolute Beginners Ballet Class, or a Standard Beginners/Elementary Ballet Class. You can do the BASICS course as many times as you like, until you feel confident enough to progress to another level. We advise you speak to your teacher regularly to check on your progress and see when you’ll be ready to move up. Please remember that everyone learns differently and at a different pace. It’s important not to compare yourself to others. Aim to be patient with yourself, and trust in the process.


I first read an article about “Ballet for Veterans” which is a program for returned vets suffering from PTSD in Queensland and that lead me to the Silver Swans, which started in 2017. As a person of a certain age, the gym and other get fit programs are not for me so I thought I would give this a go and it has been a revelation. Never danced in my life other than awkward gyrations in my youth and it really is such fun, plus, surprise surprise you don’t go home feeling stiff and saw which was a great revelation. Vivian is very thoughtful and kind with her encouragement and support for the ‘lesser beings’ in the group, so you never feel inferior, stupid or awkward, everyone just moves to their own pace, are very caring and it’s just a wonderful experience. So glad I found it !!


Glen Ward

Daryl’s classes are brilliant! He is a passionate, creative, beautiful (yep, that too!) and kind teacher. From the first minute, Daryl establishes a safe and supportive environment for all dancers, where we can improve and challenge ourselves or just have fun. Daryl’s technique is amazing, and sometimes it is rewarding just looking at him demonstrate the steps. I love his creative choreographies. Every week there are new and engaging sequences of steps with a wide range of music. Can’t recommend his classes enough 🙂



These lovely classes (Weds 5.15 and Fri 10.45) cater to all my ballet needs/ wishes. The beautiful sequences give a feeling of truly dancing and bring the joy that comes with that feeling. This is made more achievable by Justin’s attention to detail in developing the technique necessary for these steps.

I am truly grateful for having discovered these classes and a teacher who understands exactly what is required.


Jo Bosworth


We have a timetable of casual drop-in classes from Beginners to Advanced levels. Dancers are welcome to join these classes at any time without any long term commitment.

We have a full schedule of classes. Our daytime classes run Tuesdays–Saturdays from 9:30am, as well as evening classes Mondays–Thursday from 5:30pm.

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Ballet Body Conditioning

The Ballet Body Conditioning (BBC) class is designed to complement your existing ballet practice. A reasonable understanding of the foundations of ballet and an understanding of the structure of a ballet class are required for this class.

It includes 30-35minutes of a warm up including structured ballet exercises. A short 5-10 minutes in the centre including port de bras and a short choreographed sequence. This will be followed by 20-25 minutes of mat work including deep stretches for the major muscle groups, exercises to improve core strength, and rotation as well as guided exercises to enhance your body alignment for ballet.

*Please note these are not exercise classes like “Pilates” or “barre”. These classes are designed specifically to enhance and improve on your classical ballet practice.


This class is designed specifically for students looking to go into pointe shoes, or continue developing their strength and technique in pointe shoes as an extension of their ballet training. We recommend that students have AT LEAST five years of ballet experience before participating in this class in pointe shoes.

The class is focused on developing foot and ankle strength and flexibility. Students are welcome to take this class in soft ballet shoes to focus on developing their strength and technique. We suggest starting this course in soft ballet shoes or “demi-pointe” shoes, then speak with the teacher before considering wearing pointe shoes in class.

This class is not suitable for ballet novices.

Stretch & Flex

This class is designed to complement your existing dance practice.

If you have only been dancing for a few months or for several years this class with help supplement your dance practice, with a full 75-minute focus of stretching the entire body.

Bring a yoga mat and a towel, and be prepared for some long deep stretches, both dynamic, and static, that will help you with mobility and flexibility.

This class is not suitable for non dancers, or those starting for the first time.

If you have any existing injuries it is advised you obtain advice from a practicing physiotherapist with respect to limitations and you make modifications in the class as you need to based on their advice.

Classical Ballet

Classical ballet is the most formal style of ballet, best known for its unique technical features: turn-out of the legs, extension, its graceful, flowing, precise movements; and its ethereal qualities.

Classical Ballet is the basis for a strong technique to prepare the body for many other dance styles.

Our Ballet teachers are highly qualified and experienced, having danced in companies around the world such as The Royal Ballet London and the Australian Ballet. They have coached many of the professional dancers you see today.

Class always begins at the Barre and will go through a series of exercises focusing on technique before students begin work in the centre.

Ballet Barre Workout

The Ballet Barre Workout (BBW) class is designed to complement your existing ballet practice. The BBW class is most suitable for students with some ballet experience and knowledge of ballet class structure. The class consists of a 45-50minute ballet barre including a thorough warm up of all major muscle groups, followed by ballet exercises specifically targeting certain technical or physical development and clarity. This can include plies, adage, and demi pointe work.

Centre practice consists of about 10-15minutes of ballet exercises targeting specific technical and physical development followed by another 10-15 minutes of mat work with a floor barre focussing on rotation and stretching for the major muscles groups required in ballet.

*Please note these are not exercise classes like “Pilates” or “barre”. These classes are designed specifically to enhance and improve on your classical ballet practice.

Silver Swans

The Silver Swans Ballet classes are curated by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) specially for older learners. However, at Dance Workshop, these classes are open to all students regardless of age. Vivienne Stodell has undertaken the RAD training and is now licenced to deliver the Silver Swans syllabus.

Open, fun and accessible, these classes will help improve your mobility, posture, coordination, and energy levels, no matter how old you are. If you can’t make our Ballet BASICS classes these are a great starting point for those new to Ballet.