An extra special surprise for proposals, birthdays, functions and fundraising events

Flash Mobs (also spelled “flashmobs”) began as a playful social experiment in 2003, and has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon. They typically involve a group of people gathering in a public place to perform for a brief period of time for entertainment and artistic expression.

Over the years, we have choreographed exciting proposal flashmobs and giant fundraising flashmobs for charities and other special events. Want a special way to pop the question to your significant other? Want to surprise your guests at your next birthday bash?

Call or email us today and ask how we can create a spectacular routine that anyone can be a part of.

Private Flash Mob dance classes at our North Perth studio

We have two studios available where you and your “inner circle” can learn together with music of your choosing. Our experienced dance instructors can adapt popular routines to suit your crew, or help you choreograph an original dance number to make your event even more special.

Our North Perth venue comfortably accommodates groups of up to fifteen people  at once. We provide storage for bags, and have bathrooms located inside the premises. Private flashmob dance sessions can be held during office hours, after hours, and on weekends, subject to studio availability.

Call or email us to discuss your options, so we can tailor a class to suit your group.

Interested in Flashmobs ?

For all enquiries and bookings please complete this contact form or, during opening hours, simply call us on 08 9443 6966.