Student In The Spotlight – Ravi

Mar 17, 2022

We often get questions from new students asking, what classes they should start with, or what will the class be like. Initial inquiries often ask “Am I too old?“, or “I think I might be too big to dance.

As you know we are Australia’s only dance studio exclusively for adults. Adults of all shapes and sizes, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds. But rather than tell you what it’s like, I thought – lets get some of our newer students to tell you exactly what it was like for them.

Name: Ravikumar Kasiram

Age: 26

Preferred Pronouns: He, Him

Favourite Colour: Gold, Red and White

Favourite Genre of Music: Pop Music

Favourite Food: Can’t go wrong with anything that is Italian or Indian!

When did you start dancing at DW? 2019

How old were you when you started dancing at DW? 25 years

Did you have prior dance experience before coming to DW? Yes

What was it? I learnt Bharatanatyam [Classical South Indian Dance style] from Saraswati Mahavidyalaya (SMV Dance Institute) & Hip-Hop from WA Performing School (WAPS).

What dance styles did you begin with? Bharatanatyam

What dance styles have you tried since? Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Bollywood, Hip-Hop and Jazz.

What made you want to start dance classes? I’ve been learning and performing various Indian dance styles since 5 years old, but after watching dance footage of Superstars like Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, it made me determined to take-up western dancing, especially Hip-Hop and Jazz so bad!

How did you find out about DW (e.g. Google? Instagram? Facebook? A friend? Etc): Literally just a Google search of ‘Adult Dance classes in Perth’.

What was your very first impression of DW when you began your classes? There was so much love, warmth, positivity and inclusiveness!

How did you feel after your first class? Happy, confident and definitely in my element! 🙂

How do you feel now coming to dance classes? I love it. Every class is so much fun and has different challenges; I always feel like a ‘kid in a candy shop’ at every dance class.

What difference did you notice in your body? i.e. fitness? Flexibility? Coordination wise? My flexibility and fitness has significantly improved from doing regular Jazz exercises/ stretches in class and at home.

What difference did you notice mentally and emotionally after you began taking classes? My self-confidence grew significantly after participating in dance lessons and performances. I feel happier and am enthusiastic to learn, grow and challenge myself every week!

Any words of wisdom or inspiration you would like to part on anyone wondering whether or not they should start dance classes?
Any form of dance and music is therapeutic for your mind, body and soul. You always come-out of a dance class feeling happier, recharged and blissful! For me, dance has always been great way to have fun, be challenged and unwind after long, tiring day and here at the Dance-workshop I’ve made so many wonderful friends and have grown significantly as a dancer over the years! I highly recommend you to join any of the classes here at Dance-workshop. They’re all amazing! 🙂

I hope you found that interesting, to see things from the perspective of one of newcomers. Every now and then, we will post a “student in the spotlight’ where our everyday real-life students will tell you exactly what starting dance classes was like.